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Inspiration for living is my signature site with the sole purpose of inspiring others form 50 – 90 to living life on their own terms. That living for some also requires finding away to supplement or replace their income.  To help in that area I  create products that they can take and sell as their own.  The courses can also be used and promoted, but not as PLR products simply because they may not be 100% my writing.  I use PLR products myself as starting points or for idea generation.

So how did I get here?

I spent 48 years as a Supply Chain Management Contract Negotiator in the energy industry.  That work allowed me to travel, work in many different environments and meet people from different walks of life.  However, drafting and negotiating complex contracts was detailed and taxing.  The travel also was gruelling.  Don’t get me wrong I loved every minute of it, but in retirement, I looked for something a little less stressful.

However, I found that I missed the contact and engagement with others which drove me to find a community online.  Another part of my corporate life was creating programs, training teams and educating senior staff.  You will find that some of those elements have carried through to my online presence.  I now develop courses on a wide variety of topics.  I also write books, create workbooks, journals and planners.  It was through researching these activities that I discovered the world of PLR, LCP, and affiliate marketing, and where I now live. 

As a senior myself I have burning desire to help others live the best of their lives and so created a site design the help in that area. You can access those products on this site and the courses here  https://inspirationforliving.newzenler.com/

Did I say I was looking for something less stressful? Well to be totally honest this online business is also stressful.  It is just a different kind of stress.  Stress mostly self-inflicted.

So if you are of a like mind you can join me here: