Affiliate Products are everywhere, but….

….Ones should you use?

What are the right ones for you and your business?  Whenever I read about affiliate marketing there are constant reminders that we need to focus on ONE niche.  I would somewhat agree if only for the fact it helps my scattered brain see straight ahead instead of getting distracted looking at the scenery along the way.

That singular focus though can make for boring newsletters and repetitive language for readers.  If my focus is on content creation in the coloring book niche (which it isn’t) I would be very limited in what I could say or write or promote on the topic.  Now I’m not saying that it is true for everyone.  I found the same difficulty with my niche (older adults and seniors).  In fact, I rarely find anything to promote in that area, unless it is my own products and some Amazon books (which pay a pittance to the author and affiliates).

So what’s the solution? Is there one?  For me yes.  When I was taking parting in the Summits (that got your name on my list which of course you can unsubscribe from at any time) to help grow my list I realized that you probably aren’t in my niche either.  So what can I do to find an affiliate product that we both could benefit from? Sure I can give a link to products I have created that you can also promote such as my Health and Wellness Planner with PLR rights.

But that may be of no interest to you or your niche, so how’s that going to benefit you or me for that matter. If I do that consistently you would soon be deleting or not bothering to open my email.  My best option (remember I’m no expert) I think is to promote a few generic products that I think are good value and THEN promote products that we all can use if we are truly in the affiliate or content creation space.

Okay, so I’ve given you mine.  Let’s see what else I share that you can benefit from…….

Oh, I know two right off the bat.  If you are in this space and are challenged with either creating digital planners (all the rage right now) like I am then this is a great group to be in.  Just a note here, the name of the group may change in the future, but if you join now I’m sure you will still be included under the new name.  It is currently known as THE KITCHEN SINK PLUS

You not only meet a great group of people, but you also get training and monthly PLR products with designs that will fit into almost any niche.

Now it’s funny that I have to keep reminding myself to “stop learning and start earning”, while at the same remembering that “learning helps you to earn”. So kinda an oxymoron but nonetheless true.  Here is one of the ways I get caught in a good way.

I don’t use Photoshop (a costly item my mine), but I did pick up a similar product  named Affinity

which sadly has no affiliate program.  However, with its relatively low (compared to Photoshop) one-time price I chose it. But I didn’t know how to use it and while there was always the youtube option to find how to’s they took precious time and left me wanting.  Then I found Catherine Beebe’s course.  It was my saving grace.

Her style of teaching is complete, comprehensive and easy to follow. So I thought if you are in need of some lesson this would be of benefit to you.

And last but not least I am going to talk about  Pictory  AGAIN.

I don’t want to be a pest about this but everywhere I read about how Video is going to be a MUST in 2022 and beyond I still think this will be one of the best options around to get started with creating your own. I wouldn’t say or promote it if I didn’t use it myself and again I am not an expert at this.  So I thought I would give you a link to one I did create (or you can watch it below this post) about personal power with this program and published on youtube. 

Okay, I know, enough!  Time to get on with your own daily to-do list.

So, until next time……

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