It seems that technology and I are not friends today (well, probably most days) as everything I attempted to do just would not work.  So I resort to what I know will at least partially work. That is writing a blog post. It may not turn out pretty, but at least I won’t feel like I have wasted the whole day. I  have been looking at all my digital dust and doing my best to see how to use it effectively. Did you notice how I have been avoiding the use of the word “trying”?  That is because as I was searching my dusty files I came across a note from someone that read – you can not TRY to do anything, you can only DO or NOT DO.  You can’t try to pick up a pencil. You either pick it up and have it in your hand or it remains where it was.  You can’t try to write something – you either have words on a page or a blank page staring back at you. So I wonder what challenges you are trying to overcome?  None right, cause you can’t.  Either you have overcome it or you are stuck where you are. My challenge is with technology at this moment and it remains so–Stuck Have I mentioned that I hate CPanel?  That’s part of technology, right? Well, after fussing with my digital dust I thought I would deal with uploading a program to my site.  I was determined that I would not TRY I would DO! So I was going to install a program that has a ticking clock and would soon require another payment for something I haven’t even started to use. Why? Cause I never added it to my website. A program that had a video on how to install it. That install video instructed me to do so using my Cpanel. />Yuck! To say the least, I am terrified of Cpanel and all previous attempts to anything with it have resulted in making a complete mess of my sites.  Well, today was no exception.  My messing around with it messed up something big time I just don’t know what! So for my own sanity and maybe yours too, I thought I would share another goody I found in my digital dust. Although It is something that I’m just not ready to buy into today. Anyway, I hope you are having a better day.