It seems the world is full of two kinds of people hiding behind a computer screen. Those are the ones I highlighted in the title of this blog.  We tend to have a picture in our minds of some bulky figure sitting in a dark dungy room backlit by the glow of several computer screens.

When I actually pictured that in my mind I realize it could be me!  I sit in my small office with no lights on and have several large screens I work on.  Yikes, I’m by no means a hacker, just doing simple stuff like creating low content products can be a challenge.

However, I don’t think I’m alone in being fearful of the other guys.  The real concern I have is that these guys/girls are actually working in the open and appear friendly and part of our group.  In the world of online marketing, we tend to open and read all the emails we get, if for no other reason than learning about what others are doing.

Some of what others are doing is gather emails and doing netharious things with those emails.  I’m now a little more selective of the emails I open and more sceptical of who I give  my email address to.  I am also getting really picky about whose products I buy and promote.  There have been so many new entrants to this market that it is hard to know what is good and what is junk.

I’m no expert on this stuff, but right now the only safe bet (and every here I am careful) is to chose who you work with or promote for a group you have been part for some time.  Even here it is important to check out new people joining to ensure they are legit! I belong to two groups that I feel pretty safe in, but only with other longer members.

If you haven’t been exposed to either you can check them out here;


One is an invitation-only group so I can’t share the link, but there is a newsletter you can join to get familiar with them.

This first group is managed by Jan Small and is a learning group, but I will leave it to you to do your own due diligence about asking to join.  Check out the newsletter first.

November freebie sign up, which by the way is on of the best ways to learn who’s on the up and up.

The other group has two facets.  One is on the getting to know us side and the other is on the learning side.  The first is free the second is paid.  These two groups are the brainchild of Melody Wingdahl, a master marketer and content creator.

The Kitchen Sink Mastermind is the free getting to know you group.  

Next is the paid learning group Kitchen Sink PLUS Membership.