End of Life Messages For the Family

No matter where we spend our final days, we leave something behind.  Things that don’t get in the will, things the family will have to deal with.  This journal will help them  do so, with your guidance and permission even though you aren’t physically there.

Answer to your Grandchilden's Questions

Grandkids are always curious about older people. What they do all day?  What they think about?  What they did when they were young?  What they still want to do?

Who better to answer them, than a grandparent.  With a mobile society the time for these conversations are difficult to come by.  This prompted journal provides thought provoking question along with space to answer.  It also has comforting images make the answers flow easily.

A Simple way to Show Gratitude to those who put their life on the line to help Others.

Small but impactful card to hand out to front line workers who have done so much during difficult times often while putting their own life at risk. 

A simple thank you card can say more than a thousand words when someone takes the time to show they are grateful and care about what these selfless workers do.

Dog Walker Planner

Dog Walking has become a very large industry and will only grow as people start to return to work.  All those puppies that were bought to fill the time, provide companionship, get people outdoors and help to reduce stress are going to need to be walked and exercised by someone.  So more and more of these home-based businesses are going to need a way to keep track of customers and plan their day. This planner is set up to help just do that, planner, organize and track the activities.

Address List

SOCIAL Networks

Inspiration For Living

Tools for you to use, modiify, give away, or sell.