Have you fallen victim to the latest Online trap?

Are you part of the crowd who looks at every email and wonders if the next best thing is what they are writing about?  You hum and hah, maybe, maybe not, what it? We have all learned that however good or promise the item is our reaction has become commonplace in the online world, especially for those in the internet marketing world.  And that reaction has been summed up in the one phrase now deemed a word as FOMO – fear of missing out. We all have that fear but have never at least until recently been able to succinctly label it. Well not only is it a label is now a bonafide word. Although I’m not sure if it has been added to the dictionary yet.

So are you one of those who have succumbed to it? Do you join every group that asks? Do you buy every product or service offered?  Or have you managed to manage the FOMO and learned to discern between it, as a nice to have, want to have or need to have?  Even if you have the discipline to only choose the “need to have”, are you able to discern if it is an immediate need or a might need one day?  If you have answered or nodded your head to the latter then guess what you are still in the realm of the FOMO.

Almost everything you see nowadays has a buy now, or the price goes up XX hours.  Heck these days everything has a timer on it and the worst of the worst are dime sale items with price going up a dime when the current clock counts down.  We have to some degree become clock watchers, but not for the end of the workday for the dreaded day job.  No we have become ticking time bomb clock watchers. 

Okay so that’s the problem, but is there a solution?  Well yes and no.  Don’t yah hate that answer?  I know I do!  However let’s see what we can come up with.


Be prepared


Whenever you consider purchasing something like software add it to a spreadsheet that tracks what you bought, what how does it benefit your business, where and when you used.


Review that list before you hit the buy button, if your quick you can check before the countdown clock hits zero.

Be sure


Make sure the items has a 30/60 return policy.  Who knows this new wonder item may not really be all it’s purported to be, or at least not the panacea you read it to be.  Like the old saying “the proof is in the tasting”. The proof is in the use of it. 


Be aware


Make sure you know who you are buying from.  Now that doesn’t mean that you should never buy something from a newbie, heck we all started there, didn’t we?  But if they are new to the scene, then at the very least they should have a really good return policy.  One of the most concerning thing I find is when I have purchased something and find in my receipt that they have no website or email.  To me, that’s a red flag. Now I know sometimes that info is a hard find, but if the cost of the product is significant and that info is unavailable, your best option might be to – back away from the item!

So at a minimum, if you find yourself in a FOMO moment, try to ensure you are purchasing from a known and reputable person/company.